The Women Behind The Movement

femme-royale-cover-models.jpg“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — MARGARET MEAD

Femme Royale was born out of countless vision boards and big dreams. It lived within my soul. Standing up for what I believe in, staying true to my murals and core values was the pivotal point on really launching the Femme Royale Movement.

Femme Royale really took off because failure was NOT an option. 

After having my soul crushed, I was determined to empower women to do what they were told they couldn't. Inspire them to believe in themselves. Because these are all the things I was overcoming at the time. I knew my purpose was greater than just living out my own dreams, or over coming my own disbeliefs and fears. My purpose lays within helping other women. 

Instantly after committing myself to taking Femme Royale to the next level, I got on the phone with my best friend Crystal. The conversation went something along the lines.. of "This is it." And she knew exactly what was up. We both knew that it was time to create our movement for women.  Then I got on the phone with Carey and Aly, they both were in too. I told them the dates of the events, and bring your A game. It's go time. 

Vision. Dream. Purpose. Inspire. 

Femme Royale caters to the 98% of female women CrossFitters. Our competitions are put on to bring ALL types of women together through competition. 3 partner style workouts, 2 divisions, 1 purpose. 

It isn't about one girl, but a group of women that share the same powerful vision and passion for life.  Femme Royale is a platform for women who desire more.  We believe competitions are a healthy outlet for women to learn a lot about themselves.  Overcoming what they never thought was possible. An opportunity to adopt new empowering beliefs about themselves. Breakthrough mental limitation, an opportunity to develop a strong work ethic, discipline, and over come challenges. 

We believe our competitions will help women build a stronger self confidence. Competency for their own life, not only through a physical capacity but in their emotional, mental, spiritual development as well.

Mission Statement:  "Femme Royale is an expression, way of life for the women of our generation. Striving to live a stronger more passionate life. Not accepting defeat. Owning who they are and what they want to become. Powerful women who want to change the world." 

Femme Royale started as movement for women to be empowered and inspired. We didn't want it to just be a women's competition. We wanted to incorporate apparel, have rad music and move the women with our event. Our first event we planned for March 2nd of 2013. We had 43 teams register from all over SoCal in both the Fun & Rx divisions. We had vendors show up, a friend dj, a pretty deep crowd, the ladies had a blast and we launched our first tank top. 

Our second event was held at Valley CrossFit, and was a sold out event with 60 teams. After Valley we took a step back and made major improvements. We realized it wasn't just about the athletes but it was truly about EVERYONE involved. From the judges, volunteers, vendors, spectators, gym owners, athletes, medical staff, the DJ, the MC, and the athlete coordinators. 

From there we've expanded our event capacity and sold out every time. Our biggest event we had 100 teams- that's 200 women competing and it was the best event we've had yet. There's something unexplainable about the energy of the women coming together, who share the same passion about life. You could tell some of the girls were nervous because it was their first competition. While for other girls this wasn't their first rodeo and were there to have fun on the competition stage. Over all we had over 80 PR's that day on the Clean Ladder, so there's something magical about our events! 



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