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Lioness Academy Tank

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The Lioness Academy is a training course which will teach you how to properly train your body and mind, as well as fuel your body and mind. 

We aim to educate women on how to strengthen their bodies and mindsets. 

We believe being strong is so much more than the weight on the bar or the number on the scale. 


The Lioness Academy was developed to teach you a lifestyle that works for YOU, not against you. 

Our training course will help you develop strong mental practices that will be your secret weapon to living your best life.

Our goal is to meet you where you are and teach women the confidence to be BOLD. 



Silky jersey, soft easy drape muscle tank

With its silky, easygoing drape, this muscle tank tops them all. Crafted from fine, lightweight Slinky Jersey, it's the kind of softness you'll crave -- sunrise to sundown. No doubt.


50% Rayon + 50% Polyester

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