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Strength of a Palm Tree Muscle Tank

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Strength of a Palm Tree // Lessons learned from living through 2 Cat-5 Hurricanes. 

Palm trees bend, but don’t break. Even in hurricane force winds, the trees remain standing.

Its roots are spread wide and very deep. When storms come the palms roots are not weakened, yet actually stretch and grow stronger.



Storms will come and go. 

Difficulties, uncertainty and stress are and always will be, a part of life. It’s how you work through the storms and who you are after the storms pass that matters most.

Instead of feeling damaged every time something bad or disappointing happens in your life, let the winds bend and stretch you.

Watch yourself grow stronger.When things get tough don’t give up, but give a good bend and get back on your feet stronger than before.



Muscle Tank.

Super soft. 


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